Yoga Blocks Stretching Pilates and Yoga Foam Bricks and Support


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Yoga blocks are an essential accessory for your yoga sessions, you can wear it under your feet, buttocks, hands or to help maintain your posture. Sometimes it can be really difficult to maintain correct alignment with certain yoga postures and this accessory will help you, plus you can avoid injuries. You can also use your yoga blocks to help with your balance and concentration as your yoga block will provide the support and stability you need to hold the pose for much longer while staying calm and concentrating on your breathing and so on when you can. Holding yoga poses for extended periods will develop more strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Benefits of our yoga block:

• It is very light and you can wash it easily.
• Use for warm-ups and yoga poses to improve your stretch, flexibility, and focus.
• Your yoga block will help you with your posture and strengthen your muscles.
• You can use your yoga block to build core strength and extend your reach.

Product specifications:

• Material: EVA
• Size: 23x15x7.5cm
• Color: Black | Gray | Blue | Green | Orange | Pink | Purple



Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple