Workout Mat Antislipping Fitness Sport Mat Workout pad


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Our small training mat is comfortable and durable, ideal for yoga, Pilates, sit-ups, push-ups, and many more exercises. It is easy to transport since it rolls up and you can take it everywhere. It is very easy to clean, with a simple damp cloth after your training it will be like new. Its non-slip surface makes it much easier to stand without falling, you will not slip with your sweat and it is 15mm thick to cushion the weight and make you feel comfortable at all times. With this mat you will improve your balance, you will feel comfortable and you will prevent injuries thanks to its surface and thickness.

Benefits of our training mat:

• It is light and easy to transport
• Your mat is made of a very resistant material.
• Your training mat is very comfortable
• It is non-slip
• It’s very easy to clean

Product specifications:

• Material: NBR
• Thickness: 15mm
• Length: 60 x 25cm
• Color: Black | Blue | Gray | Purple | Pink


Black, Blue, Gray, Purple, Pink