Trx Hight Quality Hanging Resistance Bands Training Straps Hoem Equipment


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TRX is a workout in which all exercises are performed in suspension (hands or feet hanging from these bands) and the opposite limbs are anchored to a surface. These TWX suspension bands are made with the best quality components to support your weight and the force you apply to them. They are easy to move as they are lightweight and take up little space. Exercising with TRX bands not only helps your muscles and strength, but also your coordination, mobility and flexibility, it has also been shown to be effective in rehabilitation and reducing the risk of injuries.

Benefits of our TRX bands:

• They are ideal for functional training, crossfit, strength or as general conditioning.
• Activate almost the entire body.
• They are perfect when you do not have equipment or large spaces to exercise.
• They are made of high quality components to support weight and strength.
• Easy to move and store.
• They work to increase muscle, strength, coordination, mobility and flexibility.
• They are effective for injury rehabilitation.

Product specifications:

• Color: Yellow, Army Green, Pink
• Material: Nylon material
• Features: Includes elastic strap, door buckle and mesh bag.


Yellow, ArmyGreen, Pink