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With this resistance band you can start the suspension training that you wanted so much to do from home. With these bands the tension will increase the more you stretch them, being much more effective than traditional weights, it also offers a large number of intense movements to train different muscle groups especially the middle part of the body, abs, back, shoulders, chest, hip and legs. This resistance band is light and easy to install on the doors of your house, it includes the resistance band, an extension band and a practical bag for easy transport and storage.

Benefits of our suspension training band:

• You can do your workouts from home.
• You will work all muscle groups.
• It takes up little space and is easy to transport.
• It allows you versatility in training.
• They adapt to your level of physical condition.

Product specifications:

• Weight: 0.55 kg
• Material: POLYESTER + alloy + tpr
• Size: 1.6m-1.88m training belt
• Extension cable: 86cm
• Color: Black