Shrug Trap Hex Bar with 2″ Olympic Spring Collars – Barbell for Deadlift & Squat


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Improve the way you weight lift. Get better results and avoid injures and muscle strains. With this hex bar, you will be able to lift higher weights, while also providing better posture for working out your trapezius muscle or “Trap”, your shoulders, deltoids, and many other muscles.

This is your best choice

The hex bar is the perfect acquisition for also gym owners and enthusiastic that wants to have the best at-home gym. As it will place your wrist in a better posture to lift heavy weights, preventing future joints injures. Perfect for those deadlifts, go ahead and try it. You are going to see is not as hard as it was when using a regular barbell.

You might be a little skeptical, but I assure you, the hex bar is a great acquisition, most of all if you have some experience in the world of weight lifting. As you will be able to lift more weight than before, you will have a better grip thanks to the angle of your wrist, and because the handles are a little above the weights, it will be easier!

The best quality

And not just that, but this hex bar, made with high-quality heavy-duty iron. Is long-lasting, reliable, and comfortable to use. The hex bars are the future for heavy lifting. Although it was made mainly for shoulder’s workout. The hex bar is basically a regular weight barbell. The main difference will in the rotation of your wrist, which in this case, has a more natural posture.

Actually hex bars are not some new gym tech. It’s been around for nearly 30 years! But over the last decade or so, it’s finally started growing in popularity.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Centre length: Approx. 60cm
  • Sleeve length: Approx. 24cm
  • Type: Shrug Bar
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Center depth: Approx. 57cm
  • Maximum weight capacity:300kg
  • Length: Approx. 141cm
  • EAN: Does not apply

Package contains:

1x Shrug Trap Hex Bar with 2″ Olympic Spring Collars – Barbell for Deadlift & Squat