Resistance Loop Bands (5 Pack)


People usually don’t know how great resistance loop bands are! These bands are comfortable, cheap, portable. And not only that! But they are a complete exercise for your whole body. Improve your strength on your arms, legs, chest.

Combine these resistance loop bands with your regular workout routine. Perfect for using them after your yoga, pilates, or spinning. As these bands are great for increasing your muscle strength. You will see the difference, as they will help you increase your muscle mass! Not only that, but you can use them for losing weight, body shaping,  resistance training, strength training, and much more!

Made out of the highest quality latex, these resistance loop bands are made for daily use, and they will last for many years when properly used! We recommend not leaving your resistance bands under the sun for long hours, and cleaning the, after every use!

Variety of colors

This 5 pack comes with different colors-leveled difficulty. Perfect for everyone, from those beginning the active life of exercising and the pros who have many years exercising. You are going to love this product as it will be perfect for an everyday routine.

Perfect for therapy

These resistance bands are used for physiotherapists as physiotherapy bands. As they are perfect for muscle therapy after some accident or injure. Help recover your strength on your arms, knees, legs, and much more!

You can also use these bands for postpartum recovery exercises, as they are perfect for recovering your regular muscle strength and relief those annoying postpartum pains.

Although we recommend using these bands with professional help or previous experience. You can also use them perfectly searching online for routines!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give this product a try! You won’t regret it

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Natural latex
  • Green: 600*50*0.35 mm
  • Blue: 600*50*0.5 mm
  • Yellow: 600*50*0.7 mm
  • Red: 600*50*0.9 mm
  • Black: 600*50*1.1 mm

Package contains:

1x Resistance loop bands (5 Pack)