Resistance Bands With Handles


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Now you can exercise your favorite muscles! Grow your arms, tone up your legs, have rock-solid abs, and sexy back and shoulders with these resistance bands with handles. Get then so, you can make the best routine at home! And the best part is, you can also carry then with you whenever you go! 

What can I do with resistance bands?

These resistance bands are perfect to train every muscle. They fit perfectly at any routine, you can add then at the end of your regular aerobics exercise, such as yoga, calisthenics, gymnastics, pilates. Thank this, you will have optimal development of your muscles. You can also have

The perfect addition for your home gym

With these elastic resistance bands, you can have a complete at-home gym. As you will be able to target and train every muscle! Imagine how amazing this is, just with a couple of latex made elastic bands. They are perfect as they are foldable and can be easily stored almost anywhere! Not as those heavy and uncomfortable machines that are just sitting there in the middle of your living room! But that’s not all! No matter how lightweight, portable, and easy to use these resistance bands are. But they are long-lasting, made with the highest quality latex. And the handles are also made with great quality, covered with anti-slip foam for better grip.

Buy them all!

Every color of our resistance bands has a different width, which makes them stronger and harder. So they are perfect to workout and adding dome extra weight for improving our strength and looks! You must buy them all! Have the complete set so you can choose what band to begin with and which is better for every workout!

Product specifications

  • Material: natural latex
  • Length:120cm
  • Color:Yellow,red,blue,green,black

Package contains:

1x Resistance Bands With Handles



Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green