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Now you can stay in your house and exercise the same as if you were at the gym! With these Resistance Bands for Legs, arms, thighs. Because of this, you can work out your whole body! Not only that but with their 5 levels of difficulty. It is perfect for everyone, from new amateurs, starting that active life, or the more experienced and stronger pros!

Resistance bands are cheap and effective for a variety of workouts, probably far more effective than you might think. Perfect for those aerobics exercises! Combine them with your regular yoga or pilates stretches. Try it on! Add it to your regular daily routine and you will see the difference! Tighten your body, increase your resistance. Not only that! Resistance bands are also the most portable form of fitness equipment. Pack them in your luggage and you can slip in a workout in a hotel room just as easily as you would in your own front room.

These high-quality, long-lasting, and reliable latex made resistance bands for legs are specially made for a durable companion that will last for many years with daily use. Not only that, but these resistance bands have 5 different colored-level difficulties, as the bands get stronger and harder to stretch.

If you don’t know how these resistance bands work, we recommend you to look for professional help! But you can also search for resistance bands routine online and that would do the trick!

Great for therapy

Physiotherapists use this as physiotherapy belts. If you recently had an accident and your muscles are both what they used to, you can try on recovering that strength just by using these resistance bands. Thank to this, you can help people recover from legs, knee, and back injuries.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Resistance
  • BandQuantity: 5PCs
  • Material: Latex
  • Color: As Shown
  • Size: 60*5cm/23.58*1.97inch
  • Net Weight:123g/4.34oz

Package contains:

5x Resistance Bands for Legs Resistance Loop Bands