Push Up Bars Portable Metal Training Exercise S Shape Bars


If you love doing push-ups and all its variants. But you have seen how much pressure you apply to your wrist when doing a standard press up. You have to change the way you do it! You need a couple of push up bars.

Create your own gym at home, with these comfortable, lightweight, and portable push up bars. Not only that but thanks to their comfortable and easy to carry design, you can take them on your trips and vacations! So, in that case, you will never skip one day of exercise!

This push up bars helps your body to tone-up more muscles than without them. Work your deltoids, biceps, triceps, pectorals and your abs

These alloy carbon steel push-up bars made with high-quality metal with double foam. Are specially designed for long-lasting and comfortable, anti-slip grip. Also, thanks to their  S-shaped design, is stable and provides better protection for your hands and wrists. Not only that but as these push up bars are a single piece each, they are made for years of great and comfortable use!

Why do you need to use a press-up bar?

Everyone who does push-ups using push up bars will tell you that, once they try, they would never do push-ups without them anymore. This is because using this accessory makes the exercise more comfortable, safer as you won’t hurt your wrists, your hands, your forearms, and, at the same time, the same exercise will target more of your muscles! So you will be doing a standard workout, easier, safer, and better!

As said before, using these push-up bars will improve the muscles targeted. A good example of an increased range of motion with your push up bars is elevating your hands on the bars. When you do this your chest can end up below your hands. This will work your pectorals and your shoulder much better than before!

 Product Specifications:

  • Each press up bar weighs around 0.75Kg
  • Bar dimensions are 210mm by 130mm by 125 mm

Package contains:

2x Push Up Bars Portable Metal Training Exercise S Shape Bars