Pack of 3 Elastic Bands Resistance Bands Set Exercise Elastic Ankle Leg


If you want to improve your body, get a better figure, and make you stronger. While also using a cheap, portable, and comfortable accessory, then you are going to need these elastic bands kit!

These bands made with the highest quality materials. Are perfect for daily use and will last for many years if used properly. Cheap but so much effective when well-used. You will be surprised by how much your body changes and improves when you add a workout exercise with your daily routine.

Perfect for combining it after your yoga, pilates, spinning, or any other aerobics routine. Tighten your body, increase your resistance, have the fitness body you though it was impossible. All that with a low-price product! As each band has a different thickness which will provide different levels of resistance. So you can increase the difficulty as your body get stronger!

Although we recommend to use it under professional control, you can also use these elastic bands by yourself, at home, with just searching online for some good and easy routines!

Great for therapy:

Physiotherapist love using these elastic resistance bands for muscle therapy after getting injured. It is perfect to recover from arms, legs or knees injures.

We all know that pregnancy is a beautiful miracle of life. But sometimes it is really hard to keep our normal life, as we feel a lot of back pains, stress, we feel tired all the time and so much more! But these elastic bands are great for pregnancy exercise, relief those annoying back and pelvic pains, and also help our muscles grow stronger. Without mention that doing exercise will help our self-esteem and will make us feel better!

Product Specifications

Size: 12 x 2 Inches.

GREEN = LIGHT 0.45mm



Package contains:

1x Pack of 3 Elastic Bands Resistance Bands Set Exercise Elastic Ankle Leg