Massage Roller High Density Foam Roller Effective for recovery and Massagging


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This massage roller will help you to end your pain and all kinds of muscle discomfort, helps your recovery and rehabilitation at home or gym, perfect to use during or after training to help increase blood flow in soft tissues and relieve pain in larger muscle areas, can be used for as little as ten minutes a day to help improve muscle tension; meaning it can be easily integrated as part of your daily routine. The massage roller is made of ecological foam, it is easy to use on any flat surface in the house, park and office. It is great for improving muscle mobility and flexibility when doing yoga and is easy to use by simply bending over using your own body weight and gravity to relieve muscle tension.

Benefits of our massage roller:

• Made of environmentally friendly foam with low deformation rate.
• Environmentally friendly and lightweight, easy to store and transport.
• Ideal for rehabilitation, yoga or to relieve muscle tension.
• Can be used anywhere.

Product specifications:

• Material: PPE.
• Size (approximate): length-15cm / 5.91 inches, diameter-5.3 cm / 2.09 inches