Heavy Duty Adjustable Fitness Weight Bench Flat/Incline/Decline Gym/Dumbbell


This Weight bench is one of the best purchases you could do. No matter if you own a gym. Or if you want to buy for your own house something, that will raise the bar on your at-home gym. But this Weight bench is a must-have product!

This Weight bench is going to give you complete control of your workout routine. As you can train almost every muscle in your body with it! You can train your arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, your back muscles, and it is perfect for abdominal workout, you can do your crunches and other exercises from different angles! Not just that, but you can combine it with some weights to perfectly exercise your pectorals and chest muscles. This Weight bench is just going to revolutionize the way you workout at home!

High-quality materials

This Weight bench made with the highest-quality materials, its seat is made with PU Leather, it is breathable, smooth, water-proof, and anti-odor. Thanks to this it is perfect for daily use, as you just have to clean it with a towel after use to remove the sweat and moisture. This Weight bench is also made with a steel skeleton, so it will last for many decades of use! And also will make you feel secure, as this weight bench can support up to 180 kg of weight. 

Great and secure

You don’t have to worry about the seat to fall back in the middle of your training. This Weight bench comes with an easy to adjust knob. to adjust it, firstly, you have to twist and after that, pull the knob to adjust the backrest and the seat. If you did things properly, as this knob is made with the best metal, you can be sure this seat will support your weight without any trouble! 

This versatile weight bench will help you get in shape with endless muscle-building possibilities. Not only that, but the best part is that thanks to their several bench levels. You can also use it to perform exercises at an incline, decline, and flat levels. Which helps you develop faster and better your muscles.

Product Specifications:

  • Product accessories: fitness dumbbell equipment
  •  Size: 42*130*40-102CM (height adjustable)
  • Product material: foam, steel, leather
  • Main color: black
  • Product features: foldable

Package contains:

1x Heavy Duty Adjustable Fitness Weight Bench Flat/Incline/Decline Gym/Dumbbell