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Our punching bag will give more resistance and strength to your arms, it is made of high quality, can be filled with rags, sawdust, or beans, and hangs with the included hook. It is easy to install and saves a lot of space. Hitting a punching bag has been shown to help drain bad energy, stress from work, and is also an excellent exercise for your arms, shoulders, back, and even legs.

Benefits of our punching bag:

• It will help increase endurance and tone your biceps.
• Easy installation and takes up little space.
• Adjustable to any space in your home.
• Includes accessories.

Product specifications:

• Size: 60, 80, 100 and 120cm.
• Weight: 60cm = 6kg, 80cm = 10kg, 100cm = 15kg, 120cm = 20kg.
• Color: Red
• Includes accessories and installation hook * It doesn’t include filling*


60cm + 4 accessories, 80cm + 4 accessories, 80cm + 8 accessories, 100cm + 4 accessories, 100cm + 8 accessories, 120cm + 4 accessories, 120cm + 8 accessories