Calf Compression Sleeve Running Leg Pain Shin Splints Compression Unisex Sleeve


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Our calf compression sleeve offers you incredible comfort, they feel like a second skin as they are made of nylon and lycra that adapts to your skin. The material absorbs moisture and reduces pain, fatigue, and cramps by increasing blood circulation. They are used by both a professional athlete and a patient in rehabilitation. They are non-slip regardless of the activity you do.

The compression acts directly on the veins and arteries to improve blood circulation. The veins return deoxygenated blood to the heart. The compression causes the wall of the veins to contract (tighten) which increases the speed of the blood through them. As a result, blood and lactic acid (the main cause of cramps) can return to the heart more quickly, reducing cramps, pain, and helping to recover quickly from exercise and injury.

Benefits of our calf compression sleeves:

• They are resistant and designed to aid physical performance, non-slip and lightweight.
• Made of nylon and spandex for comfort and fit.
• They absorb moisture and feel like a second skin.
• They are unisex

Product specifications:

• Color: Black
• Gender: Unisex:
• Material: 80% nylon and 20% lycra
• Size: Small: 28 38cm, Medium: 33 43cm, Large: 36 46cm, XL: 39 52cm


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