Assisted Pull-Up Resistance Bands Set of 3 Heavy Workout bands


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With these resistance bands you can build your strength, improve your mobility and fitness. These bands are perfect for weight lifting or to rehabilitate injuries for both men and women and are available in 3 sizes depending on your current physical condition and use (Physiotherapy, mobility or strength exercises).

Benefits of our resistance bands:

• Excellent for building strength and improving fitness.
• Help prevent injuries or assist in the rehabilitation of pre-existing injuries.
• They can be used by men and women.
• Includes 3 sizes depending on your physical condition and use.
• Its use is very versatile.

Product specifications:

• Length: 30 cm
• Width: 1.3 cm (red) / 1.9 cm (purple) / 2.9 cm (green)
• Thickness: 4.5mm
• Power range: 15-25LBS (Red) / 15-45LBS (Purple) / 30-80LBS (Green)