Anti Burst Stability Ball Exercise Gym Ball 65 cm


Everyone knows stability balls, but not all know how good they actually are! With a stability ball, you can improve your whole body with all kinds of exercises! Train your abs, legs, arms, thighs,  and so much more! Your imagination is the limit. 

With this product, you can have your own well-stocked at-home gym! This is a great accessory, not only for work out! You will see how much this stability exercise ball can improve your life and health.

With this fitness stability ball, you can perform various activities such as yoga, CrossFit, or pilates to improve your muscle strength. Increase aerobic endurance, increase strength, and control body weight. Not only that, but this product can also be used to correct posture, abdominal development, while gaming, sitting at a desk, and support activities for pregnancy and childbirth. Although it may sound strange, sitting on a stability ball at your office or while on a computer. You will be comfortable and with great posture!

Pregnancy and postpartum therapy.

Let’s face it. Pregnancy, although is a gorgeous and miraculous moment in a woman’s life. It can be hard sometimes, you have constant back pains, stress, pelvic and abdominal pains. But, using this stability ball can help your body recover from those symptoms. The constant use of a stability ball. also called birthing balls, which will make that pregnancy much easier, which will help you enjoy your pregnancy as you deserve.

This stability ball, made with the best high-quality materials, is long-lasting, durable, with anti-slip design for secure and stable use. Also made with anti-odor and sweat-resistant PVC, which will help your stability ball to last for years and years of everyday use!

So. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and click that “Add To Cart” Button. And begin to have that excellent at-home gym! This might be your first step into getting that amazing fit and well-shaped body!

Product Specifications:

  • Color: pink
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 65cm
  • Maximum user weight 75kg

Package contains:

1x Anti Burst Stability Ball Exercise Gym Ball 65 cm