Acupuncture Needles 0.25 x 25 mm with Guide Tube (10 Needles per item)


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Acupuncture is an ancient traditional Chinese and Japanese medical practice that consists of the introduction of very fine needles in certain points of the human body to relieve pain and cure certain diseases. These acupuncture needles are made of high-quality medical-grade steel. Perfect for qualified acupuncturists, 10 needles of 0.25 x 25mm + 1 guide tube are supplied individually packed and completely sterile.

Benefits of our acupuncture needles:

• They are sterile, individually packed, and of excellent quality.
• They can easily be used by certified physicians.
• Relieve your pain, illness, or stress.
• They are used daily in different clinics

Product specifications:

• Includes: 10 needles + 1 guide tube.
• Size: 0.25 x 25mm.
• Material: Steel.