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Our elastic resistance bands are excellent for strength, physical therapy, toning or resistance training from the comfort of your home. As the therabands are stretched, they will exert greater tension on the muscles and therefore they will contract more. What differentiates resistance bands from weights is that the bands will make you work against resistance throughout the exercise and not just on the way up, forcing the muscles to work harder which results in greater muscle growth.

Therabands are also used in the rehabilitation of athletes as they allow the therapist to provide different levels of resistance in specific postures or movements.

This resistance band training kit can be used for more than 150 different exercises, so if you are looking for a full body workout these bands are your best option. They are made of lightweight, portable latex tubes that do not take up a lot of storage space, their handles are made of padded foam and can even be used for yoga.

Resistance levels:
• Black band – Extra heavy (30LBS – 13.6KG)
• Green Band – Heavy (25LBS – 11.3KG)
• Blue Band – Medium (20LBS – 9.1KG)
• Red band – Light (15LBS – 6.8KG)
• Yellow Band – Extra Light (10LBS – 4.5KG)

Benefits of our Theraband:

• They are very versatile in use, they work for strength training, physical therapy, muscle toning and resistance.
• You can use them at home, gym or outdoors.
• Can be used for more than 100 different exercises for all muscle groups.
• They are made of natural latex, lightweight, easy to store and have comfortable and padded foam handles.

Product specifications:

• Gender: Unisex
• The tube material: latex.
• Resistance level: Light / Medium / Heavy / X-Heavy / Xx-Heavy
• Color: yellow, green, blue, red, black
• Band length: about 120CM (Approx. 47 “in length and about 1/2” in diameter)